Working in Confined Spaces Certification


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Working in Confined Spaces Certification

Every year, 25 people die while working in confined spaces in the UK. The majority of victims work in the construction industry. Many of these deaths are preventable. Understanding the unique risks of carrying out work in these environments and insisting on safer working practices is essential to upholding worker health and safety.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the risks associated with working in confined spaces, the obligations of employers and employees under the law and the practical measures that will reduce the risk of injury and death.

You Will Learn

  • The criteria that governs what constitutes a “confined space” and why it is important to understand this definition.
  • The hazards that make working in a confined space dangerous, including excessive heat, fumes and low levels of oxygen.
  • Why it is essential to undertake a risk assessment prior to commencing work in confined spaces and the steps you should take when evaluating potential hazards.
  • Best practices for working in confined spaces, including how to ensure adequate lighting, ventilation and systems of communication.

Benefits Of Taking This Course

  • If you employ people who work in confined spaces, this course will help you appreciate and meet your responsibilities under the law.
  • If you are responsible for carrying out health and safety assessments at work, this course will help you take into account the key hazards that could affect employees working in confined spaces.
  • If you work in confined spaces, this course will teach you how to minimise your risk of injury at work.
  • If you are interested in occupational health and safety, particularly in the construction industry and similar fields of work, this course will provide you with essential information on one of the most significant safety hazards in the workplace.

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3 hours