Dealing with Workplace Violence Certification


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Dealing with Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is an unfortunate reality faced by most modern workers. It can happen anywhere, including an office, retail location, factory floor or even a client’s home. Everyone is impacted regardless of position and salary, including perpetrators, victims and witnesses. It can create unnecessary conflict, halt productivity and create an incredibly toxic workplace for you and your staff. Managers, employees and company owners alike have an obligation to learn more about violence in the workplace, along with their responsibilities to reduce the risks and mitigate the impact.

This course gives you detailed information about violence in the workplace and how to deal with it. We begin by defining workplace violence and include a discussion about risk factors and how to mitigate them. Next, we review the techniques you can use to prevent violence from occurring within the workplace. A conversation about workplace bullying follows, which includes definitions and the legal obligations of employers in this regard. Finally, we talk about conflict resolution and how to put those lessons into practice.

You Will Learn:

  • The definition of workplace violence and some examples of how it can happen in the workplace
  • Why you should put preventative measures into place
  • The type of preventative measures you can rely on to mitigate the impact of workplace violence
  • The rules and regulations governing workplace violence
  • How to identify, address and reduce the risks of workplace bullying

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Learning more about how to create a safe workplace for you and your staff
  • Your rights and obligations as an employer when it comes to workplace safety
  • How to deal with the perpetrator of workplace violence as well as the steps you can take to help the victim
  • The definition of workplace bullying and how it fits into your greater workplace violence prevention plan
  • Learning how to address and minimise the impact of conflict in your workplace

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1 hours