Travel Safety for Women Certification


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Travel Safety for Women Certification

Travelling today can be dangerous because of the conflicts, terrorism and crime going on around the world.

For women, this can be even more dangerous, depending on the country, time of year and activities.

Not all nations are built with the same ideas of women’s rights and protections.

Unfortunately, women are the most vulnerable, next to children, when it comes to trafficking and violent crime.

Both women and men should remain vigilant when it comes to travelling for business and leisure.

Women who take the time to learn how to improve their travelling habits and security measures often become confident and safer when it comes time visiting other places.

This course goes into detail on how women can improve their travelling habits, which travelling habits are bad, basic rules for a safer trip and more.

We will begin by explaining the major differences between good habits and bad habits in regards to travelling abroad and at home.

Next, we review the benefits of practising good travel habits and steps to take when learning and applying those habits.

Finally, we give you tips on what to remember when travelling alone as a woman and other helpful bits of advice for a safer, happier adventure.

You Will Learn:

  • Good travelling habits
  • Bad travelling habits to avoid
  • The benefits of applying safety measures when travelling alone

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Steps to help improve your safety as you travel
  • Tips and advice for travelling as a lone woman
  • Gaining a sense of confidence about your safety and well being
  • Becoming vigilant in other areas of your life outside of travelling

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