Display Screen Equipment Awareness Certification


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Display Screen Equipment Awareness Certification

Display screen equipment is an essential part of many jobs. It seems that almost everyone, including office workers, those conducting surveillance, and personal assistants spend most of their time staring at a screen as part of their job. While it is an inescapable part of the modern workplace, there are precautions that individuals should take to reduce the risks associated with long-term DSE exposure.

This course provides you with a comprehensive guide to assessing display screen equipment. It begins by giving you an introduction to the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations, including a discussion of employee and employer obligations. The course also goes into detail about the minimum workstation requirements that must be met, as well as providing you with a series of tips to help you control and prevent DSE risks.

You Will Learn:

  • Information about the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations, including the rationale behind its development
  • The minimum requirements all workstations governed by the Regulations must meet
  • Employer obligations in relation to the DSE Regulations, including the provision of eye care, training and information
  • How to conduct a workstation assessment and information about its form
  • Tips on controlling and preventing DSE risks in your workplace
  • The essential factors all individuals must consider when conducting their assessments

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Learning about the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations and how they impact the workplace
  • Gaining insight into the rights and obligations extended to employers and users under the DSE Regulations
  • Understanding the minimum requirements each workstation covered by the DSE Regulations must meet
  • Knowing how to conduct a workstation assessment, including the essential elements you need to keep in mind each time you complete one
  • Learning helpful tips on how to control and reduce DSE risks at your workplace

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3 hours