Restaurant Hospitality Management Certification Level 2


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Restaurant Hospitality Management Level 2

The Restaurant Hospitality Management Level 2 course provides team members with information, skills and advice, to help them fulfil their role as a restaurant manager and exceed their clients’ service expectations.

Upon completion of the course, team members will have the competence to work as a restaurant manager at a 5-star hotel or in a local eatery.

What’s Covered in the Course?

  • An introduction to the front-of-house function of a restaurant;
  • The role of a restaurant manager in all types of restaurants, anywhere in the world;
  • The different types of restaurant establishments and their layouts;
  • The importance of excellent customer service within the hospitality industry;
  • How to deal with customer complaints in a calm and effective manner, in order to ensure that the customer will return in the future;
  • Know your drinks: a comprehensive knowledge of beverages and how to serve them;
  • Know your food: the importance of knowing every item on the menu, what is in each dish and the causes and effects of food allergies;
  • Restaurant licensing laws: this covers age verification and what you can accept, in order to verify the age of customers on licensed premises;
  • Restaurant system checklists: what checklists are needed, how to put them in place and how to monitor them, to ensure that the restaurant runs smoothly and cost-effectively;
  • Health and safety laws associated with a restaurant, from front-of-house to the kitchen; food safety and storage;
  • Restaurant terminology that is commonly used in the industry.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

  • Improved career prospects for the employee, combined with greater competence and confidence for those already working within the industry;
  • The 21 online modules are accessible on any device, so the team member can study from anywhere with an internet connection, using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone;
  • An industry-recognised certification, with online support to guide and assist the employee throughout the course;
  • An accessible and comprehensive syllabus;
  • No entry requirements –restaurant experience is not a prerequisite to your staff member completing the course.

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15 hours