Hotel Reception Certification


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Hotel Reception Certification

If you own a hotel and are looking to train staff in how best to run reception, this course is definitely ideal for your business needs. It is also the perfect way in which to make sure that your brand new employees are covering every single aspect that is necessary for the frontline of your hotel business.

As a hotel receptionist, your team members have the pivotal role of taking customer requests and making them a reality, by flawlessly co-ordinating between staff and management and working as the backbone of your hotel.

This course is offered entirely online, and this allows your employees the freedom to study wherever and whenever is most convenient for them.

Through these 16 absorbing modules, any team member will quickly be able to grasp what it takes, in order to become an invaluable asset in the hospitality industry.

What’s Covered in the Course?

When studying this course, your team members will learn about:

  • The different positions that exist in the hotel reception field and how to train for those that best suit your business’s needs;
  • How to take reservations and check guests in and out;
  • The importance of customer service and how to keep customers happy;
  • Why you must be aware of both verbal and non-verbal communication;
  • Telephone etiquette and how this is central as a hotel receptionist;
  • Dealing with unhappy or angry guests and how to appease them;
  • All the duties for which a hotel receptionist is responsible for and the relevant skills, including technical and clerical;
  • How to work well with the various departments throughout your hotel;
  • Dealing with stress in the job;
  • The legal issues that are important to be aware of, such as the current laws and regulations that may impact your employees and customers.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

When you enrol any staff member on this course, they can look forward to a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Learning valuable skills, in order to help them truly excel in the hospitality industry;
  • Gaining skills for a position with job opportunities all around the world;
  • Upon completion of the course, your team member will be rewarded with an industry-recognised and fully-accredited certificate;
  • They can study the materials on any device available to them;
  • Your staff will be able to take advantage of great online support;
  • The course materials will always be accessible in the future: this is perfect for refresher courses.

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