Note Taking Certification


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Note Taking Certification

Good note-taking skills are essential to your educational and professional success. Writing comprehensive notes does not just produce an effective memory aid; it also encourages you to process information on a meaningful level.

Unfortunately, most of us are not taught how to take notes. In this course, you will discover several techniques that will allow you to pare down complex concepts and record them as well-organised summaries.

You Will Learn:

  • The power of a good note-taking system, and why note-taking is a two-step process
  • How and when to optimise linear note-taking systems
  • Why non-linear note-taking methods can be a good alternative to traditional systems, and how to draw up a mind map
  • How to make useful notes when reading a book, article, or report

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Learning how to take notes during discussions will make you more effective at processing information, which in turn will help you to plan and execute projects better
  • If you take notes at meetings, this course will help you to record all points covered by attendees
  • Taking good notes during one-to-one meetings with mentors and guides will help you make the most of their knowledge and support, which will further your personal development
  • If you are a student, this course will help you to take notes that increase your chances of achieving high marks in your exams and on assignments

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2.5 hours