Influencing People Certification


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Influencing People

When you learn how to positively influence people, you can become an empowering and effective leader. In today’s increasingly global, competitive and diverse workplaces, the ability to influence people and foster collaboration is more important than ever. While manipulation or coercion produce negative outcomes, the art of influencing people can help both the employees and the organisation in several ways.

Ultimately, your ability to influence people helps you achieve outcomes and get things done in a positive way. The art of influencing others is a core leadership skill that plays a crucial part in every role.

What You Will Learn in This Course:

  • How it’s possible to influence people across cross-functional teams and across layers of the organisation
  • The different results produced by positively influencing people
  • How employees and businesses alike benefit from positive influencing techniques
  • The role of different factors that catalyse the art of influence and how they work
  • How to use persuasive communication and engage in give and take relationships to achieve objectives
  • For senior executives, the course can help you use your influence to steer long-term goals

The Benefits of This Course:

  • An understanding of how you can become a better leader and motivate your team to work better and harder
  • Gaining deeper insights into how manipulation and coercion can interfere with achieving objectives and backfire
  • The ability to brush up on effective tips and techniques that help you engage and listen better and motivate you to share your enthusiasm with others
  • As an aspiring leader, you learn to extend your influence with your peers, superiors and subordinates
  • It will help you use subtle influencing methods, where direct authoritative techniques may not work as well

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2 hours