Fitting Room Advice Certification


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Fitting Room Advice

Store customers try on clothes before deciding to purchase them. Therefore, retailers’ fitting room settings should be inviting for customers.

This increases the chances of a customer using a changing room and making a purchase. Using fitting rooms can be enjoyable and efficient for customers and profitable for stores.

As a result, the stores enjoy customer loyalty. Customers use changing rooms more when they see that a brand is dedicated to meeting their needs though exceptional fitting room experiences.

This course has been designed to provide fitting room advice for retailers. It covers four modules on designing fitting rooms and how to improve customer experience and increase retail sales.

What You Will Learn:

  • What makes fitting rooms customer friendly
  • The importance of designing fitting rooms
  • How to improve shoppers’ fitting experience
  • The top benefits of locking fitting rooms
  • The role of employees in fitting rooms to improve customer experience and increase sales.

Benefits of Taking the Course

    Taking the course will help you:

  • Understand the importance of fitting rooms to fashion retailers
  • Understand the role of fitting rooms in improving customer experience
  • Understand how fashion retailers can design functional fitting rooms
  • Know what it takes to design and furnish an innovative fitting room

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2.5 hours