Introduction to Cat Behaviour Certification


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Introduction to Cat Behaviour

While cats can be a mysterious group, there is a lot you can learn about them by observing and analysing their behaviour.

This information can help you train your cats to behave well, while also giving you strategies you can use in the event they misbehave.

Understanding what is normal for each stage of a cat’s life and what you can expect in the future are key aspects of responsible pet ownership, as well as tenants of proper feline care.

This course introduces you to cat behaviour, giving you a solid foundation you can build from.

We begin by talking about what type of behaviour you can expect from cats throughout their lives, breaking this topic down by stage.

Next, we discuss ways you can manage your cat’s behaviour, including training tips and steps you can take to help improve your cat’s temperament.

A short list of things you should never do when trying to manage a cat’s behaviour is also included.

You Will Learn

  • The specific type of behaviour that is considered normal for cats at each age
  • The possible causes of bad behaviour in cats
  • Ways you can prevent unwanted actions from occurring
  • Tips you can use in the event the cat engages in those behaviours
  • Information about training cats

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • If you are a pet owner, learn more about what kind of behaviour your cat should be demonstrating
  • If you are a professional who works with cats, you can gain valuable information worthy of passing along to your clients about cat ownership
  • Learn more about the reasons why negative reinforcement does not work with cats and what you can do instead
  • Gain a more thorough understanding of how factors like age and pre-existing health can impact a cat’s demeanour
  • Learn more about the limits of training so you have more realistic expectations of the cats in your care

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