Rat/Mouse/Hamster Care Certification


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Rat/Mouse/Hamster Care

Rats, mice and hamsters all make excellent pets for those who lack the space required to raise larger domestic animals, such as cats or dogs.

These rodents also make excellent first pets for young children, university students, who are on their own for the first time, and even classrooms. However, proper knowledge of the animal’s needs is required to ensure that the rodent stays as healthy as possible. Rats, mice and hamsters have very different needs to cats or dogs.

This course goes over everything you need to know to keep the rats, mice and hamsters in your care happy and healthy.

We begin by introducing you to rodent ownership, letting you know the differences between common household pets. This first module also reviews the environmental needs that each rodent has.

The second module talks about the ways in which you can keep your rodent in good health by talking about their dietary needs. A discussion about spotting signs of illness is also included.

You Will Learn:

  • The difference between caring for a rat, mouse or hamster and which rodent is best for you
  • How to meet a mouse’s need for social interaction
  • Why you should never give a hamster a bath
  • Why your rat may love bath time
  • The best kinds of foods to use for dietary staples and occasional treats

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Learn why you should never use cedar chips, standard hamster cages or seed-based foods
  • Learn how to set up the perfect habitat for each type of rodent, including the type of bedding you should use
  • If you work in animal care, learn more about the specific ailments facing rodents
  • If you work in pet sales, learn what kind of conditions you should keep each type of rodent in to ensure that they are in good health when taken to their future homes
  • If you are a prospective pet owner, learn more about how to raise a rat, mouse or hamster in a way that prolongs their lifespan and keeps them healthy

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1.25 hours