January Course Roundup

Welcome to 2021 and our January Course Roundup!

As you will have noticed, we have a range of in-person courses being run from our Training Centre in Penrith, which have proved very popular. So popular in fact, that we have sold out a number of them!

Click on the menu item “Upcoming Courses” above to find out what is available – we will be adding new dates soon, so keep an eye on the website.

Online Courses

We also have a very large range of online courses which can be purchased instantly and enrolled on very quickly. Have a search through them and find a new qualification to start during the current lockdown.

Below are some of our favourites and relevant during the current times:

Home Education Certification

Really useful for all the Parent Teachers out there! Gain an extra insight into boosting your teaching skills while schools are closed. Learning is not just for children!

Crime Writing Diploma

One for budding authors with some time on their hands! The wide-ranging and varied course is split into ten interactive and intuitive modules and covers all of the knowledge and skills that you need to get started and make an impact as an author in the crime fiction market.

Selling Your Arts and Crafts Certification

Are you a Creative? Do you like making things? This course could help you sell your creations too. Making your own clothes, embroidery and other crafts are wonderful ways to save some money, explore new hobbies and find a way to express yourself. Being able to do what you love and make some income on top is always a nice bonus.

Give us a shout if there is a particular course you would like to run and we can look into it. We are always looking to expand and grow our selection.