January 2021 – COVID Update

COVID-19 Information

Update 4th January:

The situation with Corona virus is rapidly evolving with lockdown rules effecting all UK nations. Each nation has their own set of restrictions and guidelines which must be strictly adhered to in the first instance.

Training Guidance

Whilst the restrictions and guidelines vary between each nation, the requirements for training are common in each, so our guidance at present for the whole of the UK is for training to only go ahead when it is deemed essential and cannot be delayed.

During the lockdown many businesses are still operating and are required to meet the HSE requirements in respect of first aid and other training, to allow them to continue to operate. Where training is deemed essential then it can go ahead, but if it can be delayed then it should be until safe to do so.

The decision as to whether training is essential must be employer led and where training does go ahead, training providers must adhere to Covid 19 classroom requirements.

So Bearing the above in mind, we have decided to postpone all classroom training until the 15th Feb 2021 when we await an update on the lockdown procedures


Following the announcement of another National Lockdown from 5th January this is an update to our customers about  all our January and February course up to the 15th Feb 2021 when an update will be released.

We recognise that some organisations will require qualified first aiders to too keep their staff & customers safe and meet their statutory requirements for health & safety in the workplace.

It is also vital that we look after the safety & well being of our staff and customers so, based on the latest guidance, we have decided to postpone courses in January & early February. We will continue to review this with a hope to re-start face-to-face training later in the month of February after an update from the government has been released

We would like to inform all customers who have a course booked for January & early February you can Rest assured all bookings will be honoured. Date of new courses will be released as and when we know we can start classroom training again safely (we will automatically notify you by email these dates) and all course places booked that are to be honoured will be allocated first onto your chosen date prior to any new bookings.

We are taking provisional bookings for March onwards as per course dates on our website. As this is an ever changing situation, we will confirm nearer the time which courses will be able to go ahead.

We trust you appreciate the efforts we are making to ensure you can still receive your training in a timely manner and will update this page with further details as appropriate..

We apologise for any inconvenience this has or may cause