Workplace Hygiene Certification


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Workplace Hygiene Certification

Health hazards are a major concern, and implementing proper health and safety measures is a vital part of everyday life. For many, everyday life can mean spending most days at work, making the need for good hygiene somewhat of a necessity in the workplace. But regardless of whether it is for personal needs or to ensure successful workplace operation, keeping good hygiene is necessary in keeping illnesses at bay.

It is no hidden fact that many diseases are as a result of poor hygiene. Not only do employers need to provide a clean and healthy work environment for their employees, but individuals must also work alongside their employers to maintain proper individual hygiene as well.

Every business must adhere to health and safety standards depending on where the business is located. Local laws and regulations provide guidelines for businesses on what level of proper hygiene must be implemented. Therefore, it is necessary to become familiarised with what those standards are and what local laws are.

In addition to learning about health and workplace codes, employers and employees should go an extra step further in creating a comfortable environment for everyone. It is crucial for business owners to keep a clean workplace, free of hazards, toxic materials and poor air quality.

It is equally important for workers to do their part by cleaning their workstations and common areas after they eat or drink. Everyone can contribute to ensure good workplace hygiene.

What you will learn:

  • The importance of workplace hygiene
  • Poor workplace hygiene and the risk of illness
  • How to implement proper workplace hygiene
  • Routine checks and ways to maintain health and safety standards at work

Benefits of the course:

  • Learn how workplace hygiene is vital to the successful operation of a business
  • Recognise poor workplace hygiene and how to avoid it
  • Become familiarised with the various ways of implementing and maintaining workplace hygiene
  • Understand the importance of the role of an employee and ho personal hygiene is important to maintaining a clean and healthy environment

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2.5 hours