Child Neglect Awareness Certification


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Child Neglect Certification

Throughout the UK, nearly 10% of all children are experiencing or have experienced neglect. Living through this type of treatment can affect a person in childhood, as well as all the way through to adulthood.

Unfortunately, neglect is one of the hardest forms of child abuse to recognise, as it can appear subtly. In addition, many children who are neglected hide it as best they can, especially as they get older, and conditions worsen. Being able to identify the risk factors, signs and symptoms of child neglect can help you keep the children in your life safe.

This course goes into detail about child neglect. We begin by talking about the basic forms of neglect, including physical, emotional and educational, and how they manifest.

Next, we review the factors that may mean that a child is at a higher risk of being neglected than their peers.

A discussion of the warning signs of neglect, including the emotional and behavioural changes that a neglected child may exhibit, follows.

Finally, we review the best practices to keep in mind when responding to disclosures, as well as how you can report your concerns to the authorities.

You Will Learn:

  • What the long-term effects of child neglect are
  • How to identify children who are at risk by their behaviour and the situation
  • The factors that impact how a person responds to child neglect
  • The signs and symptoms that mean that you need to examine a child’s situation in closer detail
  • What happens after you report your concerns

Benefits of Taking this Course:

  • Understanding more about the lifelong impact that neglect can have on a child
  • Learning more about the importance of reporting your concerns immediately
  • Understanding how neglect occurs and what the risk factors are
  • Being able to confidently look out for the children in your life whom you care about
  • Learning how to cope with allegations, disclosures and suspicions of neglect

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2.5 hours