The Art of Persuasion Certification


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The Art of Persuasion Certification

The art of persuasion is a difficult one to master but is an invaluable skill to possess. No one wants to be forced to use coercion or aggressive tactics to get their point across or to find common ground on an issue. Persuasion is based on reasoning and understanding rather than hostility or threats, making it the best way to convince your conversation partner that you are right or that your way of doing things is the preferred one.

This course goes into detail about how you can develop your own persuasive skills. By practising these skills, you may find that you master the art of persuasion in very little time.

We begin by discussing the way human behaviour is often motivated.

Next, we move on to discuss Aristotle’s persuasive techniques – ones that are still very relevant today.

Finally, we leave you with the steps you should take to ensure that your argument is persuasive. These steps work well in both speech and the written word, making them ideal for essay writers and presenters alike.

You Will Learn:

  • The five main influencers of human behaviour and how you should respond to them
  • The four modes of persuasion and how they can be applied today
  • Information on how those persuasive techniques can be used for good or bad intentions
  • How to use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence to your advantage

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Learning how to become more persuasive in your everyday life without resorting to aggression
  • Being able to participate in more productive conversations
  • Understanding why people tend to display the habits they do
  • Learning how to use simple persuasive techniques in your everyday speech
  • Learning how to construct a persuasive argument in just a few simple steps

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