Commitment to Consistency Certification


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Commitment to Consistency

Many of us are afraid of commitment, regardless of its form. We may hop from job to job (or relationship to relationship), because we are fearful of the unknown. Some people are forever terrified of commitment, which makes them inconsistent throughout their lives. This can cause them to look undependable and untrustworthy to others around them. Consistency is the key to making sure that those around you know that you can be trusted and that you care about them.

This course gives you an overview of consistency, why it is important and how commitment is needed to be more consistent. It fully explains what the definitions are for commitment and consistency, why you should be consistent and touches on how to be consistent. The course also gives examples of people who are consistent and committed – you can easily determine how the two are similar and how they work together to make you a better, more respectable person. Finally, the course covers the traits needed to be consistent and committed, some of which overlap. That way, you can see where you stand and can determine how to change so that you have all of those traits (and others) based on your desire to be more consistent in life.

You Will Learn:

  • The definition of commitment and consistency
  • How to understand the differences and similarities between the two
  • How to be consistent daily and why you need commitment to do so
  • The traits of being consistent and committed
  • How to become more consistent

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Learn more about why consistency matters
  • Learn why it’s ok to say no
  • How to be consistent (set goals, schedule time effectively)
  • Learn why you must stay committed to consistency; you don’t just get consistent and never have to work on it again. You must remain diligent and firm with yourself for consistency to happen over time.

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