Learn Speed Reading Certification


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Learn Speed Reading Certification

Whatever your occupation, learning to read and assimilate written information will put you at a great advantage. However, reading quickly is not easy. Most people struggle to read more than a couple of hundred words per minute.

This course will teach you speed reading techniques that will help you process information at a rapid rate, thereby improving your performance at work or college.

You will Learn:

  • Why the reading methods you learned at school can reduce your reading speed
  • How to help your eyes move more quickly across the page
  • How to hone in on the most important words and phrases within a piece of text
  • Why and how to track your success
  • When speed reading is and is not appropriate

Benefits of Taking this Course

  • If you have to read a lot of information as part of your job, this course will help you get through it at a much faster rate
  • If you are a student, this course will help you study and revise information more efficiently
  • If you work in an education or training field, this course will help you understand why some students learn at a faster rate than others
  • If you want to develop your knowledge of any topic, this course will help you become well-informed within hours or days, as opposed to weeks or months

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