Sports Science and Therapy Certification


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Sports Science and Therapy

Learning about sports science and therapy is an essential guide to the world of sports science and what it takes to excel as a sports therapist, whether you’re simply curious about the concept or have decided to study it full time.

It is an ideal course for those who are interested in gaining general insight into sports science and for those who are looking to get that ‘foot in the door’ to the job they’re applying for!

This course covers everything you need to know about sports science, including the energy usage, brain function and metabolic changes involved in sports physiology and the clinical and educational approaches to sports psychology.

From the biomechanical and orthopaedic concepts of sports kinesiology, to sports biochemistry and expert advice for sports nutrition, this course includes all the essential information.

You Will Learn

  • Sports physiology concepts, including energy usage, brain function and metabolic changes
  • Sports psychology principles, including both educational and clinical coaching techniques
  • Sports kinesiology, including the most relevant expert biometric and orthopaedic principles used in today’s industry
  • The biochemistry of sports including the nutrients required for specific sports and the most effective exercise routines

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Take the first step to your sports science career
  • Improve your understanding of sports science and therapy as a concept
  • Become healthier by improving your fitness and nutrition
  • Have greater clarity as to which sports science field you want to study

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