Introduction to Sports Nutrition Certification


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Sports Nutrition

Learning about sports nutrition is vital for everyone interested in achieving optimal health and well-being by ensuring proper nutrition. Whether you’re a professional athlete, part-time sportsperson, or just curious about incorporating the right diet in your life, this is the perfect course for you!

This course discusses the importance and optimal intake of carbohydrates for all types of sportspeople and athletes and a detailed guide to complete and incomplete proteins and the science of building muscle with proteins.

From saturated and unsaturated fats and which are the best for endurance and overall health, to the importance of hydration and how to ensure you get the right types and amounts of minerals and vitamins in your diet, this course covers everything you need to know about sports nutrition!

You Will Learn

  • The different types, optimal intake and effectiveness of carbohydrates as fuel for the body
  • How to identify complete and incomplete proteins and ensure you are getting the right amounts, as well as the science of muscle building with proteins
  • The definition and importance of saturated and unsaturated fats and which are the best for athletes
  • How to ensure you are optimally hydrated and have the right amounts and types of vitamins and minerals in your diet

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Feel better and become healthier by improving your nutrition
  • Improve your performance and further your sporting career
  • Avoid the common errors and pitfalls of fad diets and trends
  • Avoid serious injury and illness by understanding the science behind proper nutrition

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2.5 hours