Preventing Falls in Older People Certification


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Preventing Falls in Older People Certification

Approximately 1 in 3 older adults living at home will have at least one fall each year. In most cases, falls do not result in serious injury. However, in some cases, they can have devastating effects. For instance, an older adult with osteoporosis may sustain a serious fracture following a fall.

This course will teach you why older people often suffer falls and how falls can be prevented in domestic settings. You will learn practical strategies for adapting the environment and working with healthcare professionals, in order to reduce the risk and promote independence.

You will Learn

  • Why older people are at particular risk of falls
  • Environmental factors that make a fall more likely
  • What to do if you fall
  • How to prevent falls in domestic settings by adjusting the environment
  • Getting help with day-to-day tasks and investing in safety aids
  • Why strength and balance training can reduce the risk of falls
  • How to start an effective exercise programme
  • Why regular sight tests can minimise an individual’s risk of falls
  • The link between medication, alcohol and falls

Benefits of taking this Course:

  • If you are an older adult at risk of a fall, this course will help reduce your risk of injury
  • If you live with or care for an older adult, this course will help you safeguard their wellbeing
  • If you work with older adults in a supported or residential living facility, this course will help you contribute to a safer environment
  • If you work in a business that manufactures or sells independent living aids or equipment, this course will give you a valuable insight into the problems faced by older adults at risk of falls

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2.5 hours