Photoshop CS6 Certification Level 1


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Photoshop CS6 Certification Level 1

Photoshop is an excellent tool for taking an image to the next level. It elevate the quality of a photo and can completely change an image. However, before you can learn all the advanced tricks-of-the-trade, it’s essential to understand Photoshop’s basic and most commonly used tools. Not only does this allow for proper application of tools, but its benefits span across many industries.

Photoshop is great for creating website layouts and graphics, restoring old images and artistically transforming an image. Whether you’re a professional designer or simply into editing selfies, the creative possibilities with Photoshop are endless.

Let’s look at what you will learn in this course and what some of the benefits are.

What you will learn in this course:

  • How to express yourself creatively using Photoshop
  • What to do with an image once editing is finished
  • The different ways to enhance a photo and learn about the basic tools of Photoshop
  • How to view different aspect ratios
  • How to apply overlays
  • About the setting options of the gear tool
  • The difference between print and web options
  • How to personalise personal and business documents
  • Understand about different file types and how to import an image
  • You will understand the importance of file size, image size and canvas size

Course Benefits:

  • Enhances career options
  • Learn how to effectively use layers
  • Learn about the benefits of the different file types
  • Understand which file type is most commonly used
  • Know how to enhance photos using the spot healing brush and clone stamp tool
  • Excellent tool for business as it is a commonly used platform for editing, marketing and creating business cards

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2 hours