Java Certification Level 1


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Java Certification Level 1

Physiological studies have shown that learning to speak two or more languages can greatly benefit the cognitive process. Not only can communication expand exponentially when learning a new language, but it greatly improves the brain’s functionality. Interestingly, learning different computer languages can also provide amazing benefits. These benefits are not just mental, but are also a useful application in everyday life.

Smartphones, parking key fobs, security badges and using a device to unlock a car door are some of the daily items that have been programmed to perform in a certain way. Understanding how to program, can be an amazing asset and while there are many different languages, none is quite as easy to learn as Java.

Java was created with efficiency and uniformity in mind. The goal was to create a program with greater capabilities than C/C++ but with more simplicity. In this Java Programming for Beginners course you will learn the basics of programming using the Java language as well as many of the benefits that will pave the way for efficient programming.

What you will learn in this course:

  • How to set up a computer for Java programming and learn about pre-installed programs
  • Learn about the ‘modulus operator’ and what it means
  • How to identify a comment line and what the purpose of a comment is in a program
  • Learn about the length method
  • Learn about data structures
  • Learn about class-object relationship and start learning about object-oriented programming in Java
  • Learn about Booleans and what purpose they serve

The benefits of this course:

  • Learning the most commonly used computer language
  • Knowing Java can increase professional opportunities as a programmer or software engineer. Java programmers are in high demand and are among the highest paid in the industry
  • Java has a very in-depth API and can be used to implement other kinds of software
  • It will make you a better developer with its rich IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) providing suggestions and notifying of errors
  • Java will help you understand more complex programming concepts

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3 hours