Onboarding Best Practices Certification


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Onboarding Best Practices Certificate

Onboarding is the process of introducing a new employee to your company’s culture, procedures and policies. It is a very important part of the recruitment process across positions and industries.

Investing in your onboarding practices is the best way in which to ensure that all your new employees are productive and efficient members of your organisation. Repeat studies show that companies with a robust onboarding policy have higher levels of employee satisfaction and much lower turnover rates. There are numerous benefits to learning onboarding best practices and implementing them at your place of work.

This course goes into detail about the best practices in onboarding, ensuring the success of the individual you hire as well as your organisation.

We begin by talking about onboarding in general terms, giving you an introduction to the concept.

Next, we discuss the important role that your human resources department plays in the onboarding process. The different ways in which you can approach onboarding are also covered, including the three most popular choices in the UK.

Finally, the essential elements of any onboarding programme are reviewed.

You will Learn:

  • When you should start the onboarding process
  • How the Human Resources department can help you improve your onboarding procedures
  • The reasons why many companies opt to deliver onboarding programmes themselves
  • Why bringing in third parties for onboarding is not always ideal
  • How to best format your onboarding programmes
  • Why you should focus on making these programmes interactive and engaging

Benefits of taking this Course

  • Understanding where to begin with the onboarding process
  • How and when to evaluate the progress of your new staff members
  • Why using technological onboarding tools are typically
    recommended, and how they make the process easier
  • When to offer onboarding to existing employees
  • How to design your programmes, to appeal to all learning types

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2.5 hours