Introduction to Contracts Of Employment Certification


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Introduction to Contracts Of Employment Certification

A contract of employment represents a fundamental agreement between an employer and worker. Therefore, it needs to be clear, fair and comprehensive. To avoid misunderstandings, you also need to know how to propose and implement changes.

Although contracts do not always have to be written down, it is best practice to clarify the terms and conditions on paper. This course focuses on what should be included in a written contract, when it should be drawn up and what happens if one or both parties break its terms.

You Will Learn:

  • How a contract of employment should be drawn up, why verbal contracts are not considered best practice and when they should be ready to sign
  • How a worker’s status determines the content of a contract, including their rights to benefits
  • The details an employer must report to HMRC and how the PAYE system works
  • What happens if either party breaches the terms and conditions of an employment contract

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • If you are responsible for drawing up contracts of employment, this course will help ensure that the documents you produce comply with legal requirements
  • If you are a worker, this course will help you evaluate your contract of employment to ensure that it is fair
  • By developing your understanding of the laws underpinning contracts, you are also in a position to help a colleague who believes they are being treated unfairly
  • If you are responsible for maintaining business accounts, this course will help you decide when to report relevant information to HMRC

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