HR: Protecting Confidentiality Certification


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HR: Protecting Confidentiality Certification

Regardless of the type of organisation you are running, your industry or your company size, at some point, your staff members are going to have to deal with confidential information. Knowing how to handle this information is a crucial part of running a successful organisation. In most cases, it is your human resources department that handles most of your confidential information, such as the contents of employee files. However, for some organisations to run smoothly, other people also need to handle sensitive and confidential information, such as proprietary information or personal information about your clients.

This course goes into detail about how to protect confidentiality within your organisation. It begins by telling you why you need to control the flow of information in and out of the workplace and gives you several tips for doing so successfully. Your legal obligations and other responsibilities are covered, ensuring that all staff members are compliant with the relevant legislation. The use of various agreements to ensure privacy is maintained is also reviewed at length. Finally, we talk about certain ethical considerations you may need to keep in mind relating to privacy and confidentiality.

You Will Learn:

  • What pieces of UK legislation are crucial for you to understand
  • How to handle information your organisation obtains about staff members
  • How you can use non-disclosure agreements to protect your organisation
  • Who should be able to access confidential information and under what circumstances
  • How to keep digital and paper files safe and secure

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Understanding the importance of physical locks throughout the workplace
  • Learning how to create a secure password
  • Learning how an organisation should record employee passwords
  • Understanding how to train new employees to ensure compliance with your confidentiality policies
  • Understanding what to do if you are faced with ethical considerations that may require you to violate confidentiality

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