LGBTQ Awareness Certification


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LGBTQ Awareness

It’s a matter of concern that, even though it’s the twenty-first century, people are still being discriminated against based on their sexual preferences, gender identity, way of dressing and for generally being who they are.

It’s high time we understood the problems faced by the LGBTQ community and do our bit to help make our society inclusive and accepting of their needs. LGBTQ members have long since faced harassment, discrimination, persecution and bullying. This course on LGBTQ awareness helps highlight members of this community’s needs, challenges and issues.

What You Will Learn:

  • What the acronym ‘LGBTQ’ stands for and the differences between the various LGBTQ members, based on their sexual orientation and gender preferences
  • Insights into the common challenges faced by LGBTQ members in their daily lives, including parenting, relationships, discrimination in public places, harassment in workplaces and housing
  • How schools and other educational institutions can render staff and students sensitive to be more accepting of members of the LGBTQ community and how parents can help their LGBTQ children develop confidence and self-esteem
  • About laws, acts and other government initiatives in the UK that have decriminalised homosexuality over the years

How You Can Benefit from This Course:

  • Learning about LGBTQ rights helps you become more empathetic towards and conscious of equality issues
  • As an employer, parent, landlord, sibling or peer of an LGBTQ individual, you can become sensitive to their needs
  • You can give and receive support from LGBTQ individuals and create flourishing educational or office environments
  • You can develop individual as well as community relationships, and help LGBTQ members to integrate within their neighbourhoods and among their colleagues and family members
  • Most importantly, you can educate others about LGBTQ needs, challenges and requirements and spread awareness in your community and beyond.

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2.5 hours