Health and Safety in the Workplace (UK) Certification


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Health & Safety in the Workplace (UK) Certification

Regardless of your position in an organisation, the maintenance of the health and safety of both you and your workforce is invaluable. When workers get sick, productivity declines, other workers become sick, and the organisation suffers as a whole.

Knowing how to construct proper guidelines, in order to manage health and maximise safety is vitally important. An unsafe work environment not only lowers morale, but it can also leave you, as an employer, liable to cover the loss of wages and pain and suffering encountered by an injured party.

Therefore, teaching your team members how to keep a workplace safe and eliminate accidents is a vital skill in today’s increasingly competitive job market.

This course is offered wholly online. This allows for the employee to exercise complete autonomy to study wherever and whenever is most suitable for them.

What You Will Learn:

In this course, your team members will learn all about the following:

  • The parties that are responsible for maintaining the health and safety of an organisation;
  • The legal requirements that your organisation must abide by, when securing the health and safety of its employees;
  • The tools available to help assess the risks in a workplace and what can be done, in order to minimise these risks;
  • How to recognise the positions in your organisation that are at the most risk;
  • Why proper training of employees in regards to their safety is so vitally important, especially for those that are required to regularly lift heavy loads;
  • The hazards associated with electricity and how to avoid injury when working with power;
  • When accidents happen, what you should do first and how to administer first aid, while awaiting the arrival of an emergency medical team.

How Completing This Course Can Benefit Your Employees:

There are a range of benefits that employees can look forward to, when they have successfully completed this course. These benefits include:

  • The ability to keep a workplace as safe and injury free as possible, by making sure that as many of your employees as possible are informed accordingly on the subject;
  • As a business owner, knowing your potential liability in a variety of situations;
  • The ability to study at the time and from the place that best suits your employees;
  • Upon completion of the course, your staff receive an industry-recognised and fully-accredited certification that can be sent via post or printed out at work;
  • Study materials are available on all major devices – all that’s required is an internet connection.

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