Head Protection Awareness Certification


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Head Protection Awareness Certification

Over one million people in England and Wales seek emergency or urgent treatment for head injuries every year. Some of these injuries occur in the workplace, particularly in high-risk industries such as construction and mining. Therefore, it is crucial that workers are adequately protected against the most common causes of head injury.

This course outlines the practical steps you need to take when choosing and using head protection at work, as well as the legal obligations which must be met by employers and employees under the law. 

You Will Learn

  • Why employers should take the issue of head protection seriously, the consequences of head injury, who is most at risk and the main pieces of legislation governing the use of head protection at work.
  • The most common types of protective headgear used in the workplace, how safety helmets and bump caps reduce the risk of injury and how to choose the best type of head protection for your needs.
  • The average lifespan of protective headgear, how to clean and store safety helmets and bump caps and the signs the suggest you need to replace them.
  • Why workers need to comply with head and safety rules in the workplace, how to build a safety-centric work culture, the role of training in promoting compliance and why some employees are exempt from the rules the require them to wear head protection. 

Benefits Of Taking This Course

  • Anyone responsible for undertaking risk assessments and drawing up health and safety policies in a workplace will benefit from this overview of the proper use and care of head protection.
  • If you are working as a health and safety trainer, this course will help you develop comprehensive training materials for those working in high-risk industries.
  • This course will help those in supervisory roles encourage compliance in the workplace, thereby reducing the number of accidents that occur.
  • If you are an employee in an industry that requires you to wear head protection, you will benefit from learning more about how head protection lowers your risk of injury.
  • Anyone interested in the field of occupational health will find this course to be of interest, as it outlines the causes and consequences of head injury in the workplace.


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