Consumer Rights Awareness Certification


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Consumer Rights Certification

Are you aware of your consumer rights? By staying savvy with your consumer rights, you can avoid getting swindled or duped, collect the compensation that you are entitled to and steer clear of misleading advertising. Awareness of your consumer rights can also help you stay one step ahead of unscrupulous sellers and unethical marketing campaigns. Every consumer is entitled to certain basic rights and any violation renders you liable for compensation. As a consumer, you can file your complaint in consumer courts and get the company blacklisted if they have breached their contract with you. Awareness of consumer rights helps improve fair trade practices and provides a balance of power between sellers and consumers.

This course on ‘Consumer Rights’ provides information on:

  • How to define consumer rights, why they are important and how it helps to be aware of your rights
  • The fundamental consumer rights available to every customer including right to choose, right to be informed, right to safety, right to basic needs and so on.
  • How sale and purchase agreements work and what to do in case of violation of contract
  • How to identify unfair business terms and what to do if you are a victim of unethical practices
  • How to block, stop or complain about unsolicited direct marketing communications and how to protect your right to privacy

You can benefit from studying the course in the following ways:

  • There will be reduced likelihood of getting duped or swindled over purchase of products and services; you will learn how to identify a breach of contract
  • You can enjoy your right to privacy without getting disturbed due to unwanted communications
  • There are higher chances of enjoying more competitive prices and avoiding paying any hidden charges

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3 hours