Customer Relationship Management Certification


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Customer Relationship Management Certification

Customers are the lifeline to success, so any business or organisation needs strong customer relationship management.
This course is suitable for any industry and is of particular interest to those companies whose CRM framework needs strengthening.

Employees who gain this certification are able to contribute effectively to building strong, long-lasting customer relationships, providing high quality service and support that result in customer retention and increased revenue.

This course is attractive, as it delivers a comprehensive understanding of the subject in just 5 hours.

It is not only accessible but also an easy way in which to engender high quality CRM across the business.

What’s Covered in the Course?

As a short course, it is delivered in 5 modules: ‘What is Customer Relationship Management’, ‘Looking at Customers’, ‘Measuring Customer Relationship Management’, Developing Relationships’ and ‘How to Run a Customer Meeting’.

The key learning points are:

  • What is customer relationship management and understanding its importance, when dealing with customers in a business setting;
  • The basics of body language and how it can be used in order to benefit everyone, when interacting with customers;
  • How to develop and enhance interpersonal skills, when dealing with customers;
  • Relationships and loyalty and how the two work together, when dealing with customers;
  • Why customer relationship management is a crucial aspect to the success of any kind of business;
  • How to find customers and what they probably expect from the business, when it comes to support and service;
  • How to measure customer relationship management, as it relates to problems and standards within the business;
  • How to develop a good relationship with all kinds of customers;
  • Advice and tips about effective and valuable meeting preparation, for effective resolutions and ideas that benefit both the customer and the business.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

This course will benefit any business that wishes to improve customer retention and increase their employees’ customer relationship management skills.

  • Employee success on the course is transparent, as the certification is only awarded following the successful completion of a test;
  • Employees understand the importance of and are able to work to a CRM framework;
  • It is a short course, with flexible modular content, that can be studied at the employee’s convenience, via any internet-enabled device.

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5 hours