Communication Techniques for Managers Certification


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Communication Techniques for Managers Certification

This comprehensive online course covering the subject of communication techniques is a great way in which to help the managers and team leaders in your business learn more about successful communication, allowing them to professionally liaise with customers and colleagues and giving them the confidence to debate, discuss and resolve conflict in a more effective manner.

Enrolled team members will find lots of practical tips, in order to guide them towards more successful methods of communicating with their team in different ways, while respecting the different communication styles of others.

It’s perfect for existing managers or those who have been recently promoted to management roles, in order to set them up for success.

What’s Covered in the Course?

The course covers a range of information relating to successful communication from a management perspective. Here are some of the highlights that your employees can expect:

  • The key personal attributes and qualities displayed by good communicators and how to develop such skills;
  • The difference between soft and hard skills and how to use both to the greatest advantage, when communicating with your team;
  • How to manage a range of situations which may occur in a team and how to use communication, in order to overcome various issues and resolve conflict;
  • The range of different types of communication styles and how to identify which style is most appropriate in which situation and how to adapt your own style, when dealing with different types of people and circumstances;
  • The concepts of listening, posture and modulation when communicating and how to use each to the greatest advantage;
  • Tips on interacting with others well and building a working environment that is inclusive, motivating and empowering for employees.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

There are plenty of advantages that your employee and your business can expect by taking the Communication Techniques for Managers Certification course:

  • Your employees will gain a range of skills, to support them in communicating with their teams in the best possible way, for the benefit of your business;
  • Thanks to the modular course structure, your employees can study at their own pace and on any device that suits them;
  • When they successfully complete the course, your employees will achieve an industry-recognised certificate.

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