Alcohol at Work Awareness Certification


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Alcohol at Work Awareness Certification

Alcohol is not harmful when consumed in moderation, but the effects of alcohol abuse and dependency can be severe. Problematic drinking not only affects an individual’s private life, but can also have a detrimental impact on their performance at work. This can result in decreased productivity, low morale and high absence rates. 7% of adults regularly exceed recommended safe limits for alcohol consumption. This means that most organisations will employ workers with problematic drinking habits at some point and it is best to prepare in advance for the possibility that an employee may at some stage require help to overcome their alcohol abuse or addiction.

Alcohol abuse is a sensitive subject and employers may feel ill-prepared to approach and assist employees who need help. Fortunately, organisations can learn how to reduce levels of problematic drinking among their employees, offer support to workers who need help controlling their alcohol intake and take steps to create a healthy, safe working environment. This course contains practical advice for employers across all sectors.

You Will Learn

  • What alcohol misuse and addiction are, why problematic drinking has negative effects on both an employee and their organisation and why employers have a legal duty to address alcohol abuse in the workplace.
  • Why every employer needs to draw up a comprehensive alcohol policy and the key issues to consider when putting together a policy document.
  • How to spot signs of alcohol abuse in the workplace, how to approach an employee who misuses alcohol and the support an employee may require during treatment.
  • Why some workers are more likely than others to abuse alcohol, how a working environment can contribute to alcohol misuse and the role of screening in the workplace.

Benefits Of Taking This Course

  • If you are in a supervisory role, you will benefit from learning how to identify the most common signs of alcohol abuse in your team.
  • If you work in an HR role, this course will provide you with valuable background information regarding alcohol abuse. This will help you offer support to employees who engage in problematic drinking.
  • If you are in a management or HR role, you will benefit from the opportunity to learn how to put together an effective alcohol policy.
  • If you are considering a career in occupational health, this course will provide you with a useful introduction to the impact of alcohol on employees and organisations.


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