Website Development Foundations Certification


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Website Development Foundations Certification

This stimulating and informative course is perfect for employees in your organisation who have responsibility for your company website and who are looking to take the next step in their career. It is equally useful if you have new team members who are starting out in these fields and are looking to expand upon their knowledge and skills.

Web development is regarded as a fast-growing field, and this is only likely to increase, as more and more businesses rely on their web presence, in order to attract and retain customers.

Therefore, ensuring that team members who have responsibility for web development are knowledgeable in the most up-to-date processes and technologies is a vital consideration for your business.

What’s Covered in the Course?

The following is covered in detail, plus much more:

  • A history and overview of the internet – how it was developed and how its use has changed and evolved to the key importance that it has in today’s business world;
  • A useful guide to the terminology and language used in this field, such as client-side, server-side and types of coding;
  • An easy-to-follow guide to setting up a basic web page and creating a simple HTML document, plus how to effectively use HTML, when designing different parts of a web page;
  • How to format and design a web page, in the most attractive and eye-catching fashion, including using styling code in internal and external style sheets, using CSS;
  • The key importance of coding in web design and development – specifically, the CSS Box Model, the HTML DOM model and JavaScript’s Object Orientation are covered in detail;
  • Great tips on how to effectively implement JavaScript code with HTML documents, to add interest to web pages.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

There are plenty of advantages to employees taking the Website Development Foundations Certificate. Here are a few of them:

  • Clearly-structured, easy-to-follow course material, organised into comprehensive modules;
  • Your business will benefit from having employees with the appropriate skills and knowledge about web development, in order to take your business forward;
  • Your team member needn’t worry about having the right qualifications, in order to apply, as there are no entry requirements for the course;
  • Students can study at their own pace, in a place and at a time that best suits them.

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