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Web Applications

This comprehensive course, covering the whole spectrum of web applications will equip the learner with all of the skills that they need, in order to start effectively working with such programmes.

If you employ staff members who deal with the IT elements of your business from a web perspective, this course will provide them with a thorough overview of the main technologies of HTML, JavaScript and PHP, to name but a few, as well as how to effectively develop and maintain web application.

This knowledge will enable your business to perform competitively in this fast-moving market.

What’s Covered in the Course?

As the content of this course is structured in modules, it allows learners to benefit from a wealth of information about web applications. The key areas that are covered are as follows:

  • Definitions of web applications, including how they integrate with browsers and servers and some of the key web application methodologies and how they are used;
  • How to structure a web app project, including identifying the features and technical processes that are required and how to clearly define and plan the scope of the apps;
  • JavaScript frameworks and how to use them, as well as details of the most cutting edge technologies in the web application field;
  • How to use front end and back end coding;
  • The differences and uses of User Interfaces, User Experiences and Material Designs and how to effectively use them;
  • What relational and non-relational databases are, how they are used and why they are important.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

Here are just some of the advantages that team members can enjoy:

  • A broader and more comprehensive understanding of web applications, so that students can quickly and easily develop their first working web app;
  • No time limits on completing the course, so that your employees can study and work at the same time;
  • Full online guidance and access to the most up-to-date information, including example code, in order to get the student started;
  • The flexible, modular structure of the course means that students can study at their own pace, at work or at home, and from a variety of devices;
  • When they have completed the course, students will receive a certified, industry-recognised certificate.

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15 hours