Wages and Benefits Certification


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Wages and Benefits Certification

Every business must ensure that employees’ wages and benefits are handled in accordance with the law. There are numerous pieces of legislation in place to make sure workers are treated fairly and duly compensated for their efforts.

This course will introduce you to legislation and best practice surrounding key issues relating to wages and benefits including the National Minimum Wage, pensions, benefits and childcare allowances.

You Will Learn:

  • What the National Minimum Wage is, who is eligible to receive it, how the PAYE system works and what should be included on an employee’s payslip
  • The benefits and bonuses employees may receive alongside their wages and how these should be taxed
  • What Statutory Leave Entitlement is, how it is accrued and how it is calculated
  • How tips at work should be calculated, how they should be divided up among employees and how they are taxed
  • The different types of pension schemes that may be offered in the workplace and employers’ obligations under the Pensions Act 2008

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • If you are an employer, this course will help you meet your obligations under UK law
  • If you work in HR or in a payroll department, this course will provide you with a useful insight into the law surrounding wages and benefits
  • If you are an employee, this course will help you understand your rights with regards to pay and other benefits
  • If you are interested in employment law, you will benefit from this overview of key legislation and best practice

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