The Power of Influence & Motivating People to Buy Certification


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The Power of Influence & Motivating People to Buy

Successful salespeople know that most people need to be persuaded to buy a product or service. A key aspect of the selling process is human psychology. Specifically, salespeople understand how to influence prospective clients’ opinions and motivate them to part with their money.

In this course, you will discover the concepts and principles that, when used to their full potential, will greatly increase your chance of making a sale. You will learn practical tips that will help you influence a prospective customer by tapping into their unique wants and needs. You will learn when to place a prospect under pressure and when to give them some space to consider their position.

You Will Learn:

  • Five rules that will help you move a sale forward by overcoming common barriers and objections
  • Four mistakes salespeople make when trying to influence a prospect
  • Six psychological concepts that will help you reach a reluctant customer and motivate them to make a purchase

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • If you are a salesperson, this course will teach you how to improve your conversion rates
  • If you own a business, this course will help you pitch your own products or services
  • If you work in a role that requires you to negotiate with others, this course will provide you with some transferable skills that can be applied to most situations whereby you need to influence others
  • If your job entails teaching or training others, the transferable communication skills in this course will help you impart ideas so that they motivate and inspire those listening

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