The Key Stages of the National Curriculum Certification


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The Key Stages of the National Curriculum Certification

The National Curriculum is a complex document, setting out how the education system in the UK should run. Everyone from parents and teachers to carers need to be intimately familiar with how it works if they want the children in their lives to succeed.

One reason why the document can be difficult to understand is how it breaks down the subject matter. Each Key Stage represents several years, which correspond to different ages. Thankfully, examining each stage on its own makes it easier to comprehend the National Curriculum.

This course breaks down the National Curriculum into its individual parts. We begin by giving you a brief overview of the material covered.

Next, we talk about each stage on its own, telling you what you need to know to help the children you know succeed at each stage.

Finally, we talk about other compulsory material that must be covered.

You Will Learn:

  • Which years and ages are associated with each Key Stage
  • Information about the Early Years Foundation Stage and Sixth Form
  • Which specific subjects are covered under the National Curriculum
  • When testing is performed and what kind of tests are administered
  • Details about other compulsory subjects, including Sex Education and Religious Education

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Learn more about when you can expect teachers to start introducing homework
  • Understand which subject materials are mandatory for all students
  • If you are a carer or involved in early childhood education, understanding what is taught at the primary school level can help you enrich your own lesson planning to better prepare the children in your care for year one
  • If you are interested in becoming a teacher, learning more about what you can anticipate as you teach children in each stage
  • If you are a parent, learning more about what your child is learning in school and how you can help encourage success

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1.5 hours