The Four P’s of Marketing Certification


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The Four P’s of Marketing Certification

Successful marketing is an art form and it can take years to fully appreciate the nuances of promoting and selling a product. However, the basic principles are relatively straightforward. When you understand the “Four P’s” of marketing, you are in a good position to target your audience and drive sales.

In this course, you will receive an overview of the “Four P’s” and learn how you can implement them into your own marketing strategy. The course offers practical solutions for making the most of this model alongside basic marketing theory.

You Will Learn:

  • What the Four P’s are, why they are so important and how they are relate to one another
  • How to use the Four P’s when putting together a marketing plan and researching your target demographic
  • How to use the Four P’s in the earliest stages of product development and how to stay focused when applying the model

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • If you are responsible for the marketing and promotion of a product or service, you will find this course a useful introduction to the marketing process
  • If you do not work in marketing, but collaborate with marketing professionals on a regular basis, this course will provide you with a useful appreciation of their role in the organisation
  • This course will help you understand the benefits of thorough research at every stage of product development, and gives you some practical tips on how to put the Four P’s into practice
  • Effective marketing drives sales, so this course will provide you with useful information that may ultimately increase your business’ profits

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