The Cash Flow Statement Certification


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The Cash Flow Statement

Learning about the cash flow statement is absolutely essential to anyone involved in finance, whether you’re a company accountant, own your own business or are aspiring to learn more about finance.

This course provides a comprehensive guide to the cash flow statement, including the purpose of the statement, a history of its origins and the people and types of businesses involved.

From the major categories to include, to the methods and rules of compilation and important tips and hacks, this course covers everything you need to know regarding every aspect of the cash flow statement.

You Will Learn

  • A full definition of and history of the cash flow statement
  • The purpose it serves and the role-players involved
  • The various categories to include in the statement
  • The methods and rules of compiling the statement
  • The documents and professional tips you need, to compile the ultimate cash flow statement

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • You will attract new investors and assure your current shareholders of your position
  • You will improve your chances of climbing the ladder in your company
  • You will improve your cash flow situation and minimise financial risk
  • You will be able to compile a cash flow statement without any assistance
  • You will take your small business to the next level by understanding cash flow

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2.5 hours