Tackling Hate Crime Certification


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Tackling Hate Crime Certification

Hate crimes and hate incidents are on the rise across the globe. The UK alone has seen almost a 30% increase in the number of hate crimes in one 12 month period. This leaves many people across society wondering what can be done to tackle these types of crimes. There is also some confusion about what a hate crime is and which affected communities are covered under existing legislation. Without accurate information, it can be hard to fight this type of attitude in society.

This course provides you with comprehensive information about hate crimes, including their prevalence in today’s society. It begins by introducing you to the topic of hate crimes in a general overview, identifying relevant legislation and statistics. It then moves on to cover hate crimes and hate incidents in more detail, as well as letting you know which affected communities are covered by legislation. The role of the bystander as well as the importance of victim support are also discussed. Finally, it gives you a few tips on how to prevent hate crime in your neighbourhood.

You Will Learn:-

  • A brief overview of hate crimes, including the relevant legislation
  • The difference between a hate incident and a hate crime
  • Information about the affected communities covered by existing legislation
  • The role of the bystander when witnessing hate crimes
  • How to best support victims of these types of offences
  • Tips on how to prevent hate crimes from happening in your community

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Understanding what hate crimes are and how often they occur
  • Learning about the forms of hate incidents as well as the groups affected by these types of crimes
  • Gaining insight into the value of the witness in these interactions
  • Learning how to help victims and when to get the authorities involved
  • Knowing how to prevent hate crime in your neighbourhood


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3 hours