Sexual Harassment Awareness Certification


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Sexual Harassment Awareness Certification

A recent study of UK workplaces found that over 50% of all women have been sexually harassed at some point in their careers. Numbers like these paint an unpleasant image of workplaces across the country. Sexual harassment at work can lead to several negative consequences, including low productivity, loss of interest in work and even the development of depression and anxiety. Understanding your role as an employee in preventing sexual harassment at work always leads to healthier working environments.

This course provides you with important information about preventing sexual harassment at work, focusing on the role of the employee. It begins by providing you with a few important definitions. It then moves on to talk about the behaviours exhibited by those who are victimising others, as well as those of victims. Next, specific strategies for prevention are provided. Finally, we examine the role of the employer and the employee in active prevention.

You Will Learn:-

  • Exactly what sexual harassment is
  • The relevant pieces of legislation relating to harassment in the UK
  • How to recognise sexual harassment when you see it
  • The rights, roles and responsibilities of employers in sexual harassment prevention
  • The rights, roles and responsibilities of employees in sexual harassment prevention
  • Specific strategies you can use to prevent harassment at work

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Learning more about sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Understanding the impact of sexual harassment on the victim, as well as the rest of the workplace
  • Learning how to identify sexual harassment at work, whether you are a bystander or a victim
  • Gaining practical tips you can use to reduce the risk of sexual harassment occurring at your place of work
  • Understanding more about your own role in prevention, as well as the role your employer plays

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3 hours