Self-harm Awareness Certification


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Self-harm Awareness Certification

Self-harm involves people inflicting injury on their bodies to reduce different kinds of emotional pain or to experience a certain euphoric feeling. Whatever the reasons for self-harm, they do not make sense to people who do not have this issue.

Self-harm affects many people worldwide and continues to do so. The condition often points to an underlying mental illness or disorder. Therefore, it becomes important to create awareness about this condition, so that sufferers can seek help or get treatment.

This course first defines self-harm and states its many forms.

We then state various causes of self-harm and the signs and symptoms to look out for in those people who are suspected to have this issue.

Next, we explain why people tend to engage in this painful practice that only causes them more harm.

The course covers different treatment options available for self-harm and how they can help sufferers overcome the issue.

Several distraction techniques that patients can adopt to help them stop self-harm, are also covered.

A few myths around self-harm are also given.

You Will Learn:

  • What self-harm is and what it is not
  • Various synonyms used for self-harm
  • Various forms of self-harm
  • Causes and signs and symptoms of self-harm
  • Why people engage in self-harm
  • Treatment options available for self-harm
  • How psychotherapy helps overcome self-harm
  • Distraction techniques to help stop self-harm
  • Myths around self-harm

Benefits of Taking This Course

    Taking this course will help you:

  • Learn everything you need to know about self-harm
  • Determine if you or a loved one are engaging in self-harm
  • Find out about the treatment options available for self-harm
  • Gain awareness on self-harm among your peers
  • Decide whether you want to take a more advanced course to help those engaging in self-harm
  • Understand why people inflict injury on their bodies
  • Differentiate between facts and myths around self-harm

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