Safeguarding for Students Certification


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Safeguarding for Students

Learning about safeguarding for students is potentially life-saving information that all students should understand, whether they’re in school, college, university or training within a company. There are certain responsibilities and rights that students have, to ensure their personal safety, and we cover all of them in this concise and informative course.

We take an in-depth look at the reasons for safeguarding, the legislation that exists and the rights of students to be kept safe, including the precise laws and the key players involved in them.

We also provide a detailed guide to staying safe at all types of educational facilities, including tips, strategies and recourse to take when safety is breached.

Finally, we devote an entire module to one of the most important safety issues facing students: digital safeguarding. In this module, we provide a detailed guide to online safeguarding and other digital safety aspects and teach you everything you need to stay safe in the ever-increasingly dangerous digital environment.

What You Will Learn:

  • The reasons why safeguarding is necessary for students and the legislation involved
  • What students need, to stay safe, the institutions and key players involved and the recourse that students have available
  • A complete guide to staying safe as a student, including important safeguarding tips
  • How to stay safe in the digital environment, including a complete online safety guide

The Benefits of This Course:

  • You will protect yourself and those around you, potentially saving lives in the process
  • You will understand your rights as a student and raise important issues
  • You will recognise warning signs and stay safe by avoiding them
  • You will avoid choosing risky and dangerous educational facilities that don’t prioritise safeguarding

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2.75 hours