Preventing Workplace Discrimination Certification


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Preventing Workplace Discrimination Certification

Being a victim of workplace discrimination and harassment is an unfortunate reality for too many workers across the UK. Recent statistics show that over 50% of women have been the victim of harassment, with similar numbers being reported by many individuals with protected characteristics.

High levels of discrimination and harassment can have a detrimental effect on your workforce, including reduced productivity, higher turnover and low public opinion. Learning how you, as an employee, can prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace can lead to a healthier and more empowering environment.

This course provides you with important information about preventing workplace discrimination and harassment, focusing on the role of the employee. It begins by giving you the legal background behind those terms.

Next, it covers the patterns that are evident in workplaces with permissive attitudes towards discrimination and harassment.

Specific strategies that employees and employers can implement are discussed next.

Finally, the last module outlines what to do, if you witness or are a victim of workplace harassment or discriminatory hiring or promotion practices.

You will Learn:

  • What a ‘protected characteristic’ is;
  • Details about the legislation that covers harassment and discrimination at work;
  • Tips on how to recognise a toxic working atmosphere;
  • How reviewing the hiring and promotion practices of a company can indicate the level of discrimination that you can anticipate encountering;
  • What a zero-tolerance policy is, and why your company should have one;
  • Information on what constitutes a fair complaints process.

Benefits of Taking this Course:

  • Learning more about workplace discrimination and harassment, including the definitions of each term;
  • Understanding how corporate culture and retention rates reflect the likelihood of encountering discrimination or harassment at work;
  • Learning what information should be in employee training programmes, if a workplace is serious about preventing harassment and discrimination;
  • Learning how to develop a complaints process that is fair for everyone involved;
  • Understanding what steps you should take, if you witness or are the victim of harassment or discrimination at work.

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