Networking for Sales Professionals Certification


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Networking for Sales Professionals Certification

Effective networking is one of the most important skills that you learn throughout your sales career. It is one that you should always be working hard to improve, as networking can make or break your sales career.

It is crucial to have numerous contacts from a diverse group of backgrounds, roles and industries as part of your sales network, to give you a wide range of sales prospects.

It is also important to network with people who can provide you with assistance, guidance and advice when you are met with challenges or are unsure as to how to proceed in any given situation.

This course goes into detail regarding the networking process, giving you tips and skills that you can immediately and practically incorporate into your own networking attempts.

We begin by giving you the best place to start when trying to expand your network, along with reasons why and tips on how to make that first step a success.

Next, we move on to discussing networking in more general terms, giving you additional tips.

Finally, we discuss the type of people to whom you should reach out when growing your network.

You will Learn:

  • The importance of setting networking goals
  • The questions that you should ask yourself before you start any goal setting process
  • How to network effectively in just three steps
  • The five types of people to whom you should reach out when building your network
  • How each one of those individuals can help your sales career grow

Benefits of Taking this Course

  • How to establish goals that you can reach
  • Understanding the importance of volunteering
  • Learning when you should talk and when asking insightful questions is best
  • Learning the best time to follow up with a contact made at an event
  • Understanding what to do if your network lacks one of the five recommended individuals

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