Meal Planning Certification


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Meal Planning

This course takes you through the broad aspects of meal planning. To successfully support clients’ goals, a holistic view of nutrition is needed.

The first two modules give you an overview of the dietary components that make up healthy eating patterns.

With knowledge of what the body needs to function optimally, the course goes on to tackle the main nutritional assessment tools that you can use in your diagnosis of areas of dietary improvement.

These nutritional assessment tools go hand-in-hand with nutritional strategies that encourage a change in eating behaviours and food choices. The nutritional strategies covered vary in their suitability for clients of different profiles, so they can be used depending on the level of client readiness and their commitment to change.

Finally, the course explores how to determine the credibility of a source. This gives you the confidence to advise clients appropriately and provide sound nutritional advice.

What You Will Learn:

  • Dietary principles and the components of a healthy eating pattern
  • What role macronutrients play and their main types, including specific foods and their main macronutrient components
  • How to incorporate the use of nutritional assessment tools, to identify areas of improvement within a client’s diet
  • The main nutritional strategies, and how to apply your knowledge of dietary principles
  • How to evaluate sources of nutritional information

The Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • You will learn basic nutritional facts
  • You can accurately suggest nutritional areas of improvement
  • You can apply nutritional knowledge, to support clients’ nutritional goals
  • You can provide clients with sound nutritional advice

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2.75 hours