Managing People Certification


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Managing People

Your ability to manage people can make you a successful and empowering leader. People management skills allow you to nurture relationships with employees, team members, subordinates and superiors with different aspirations, backgrounds, experiences and goals.

Most of us spend 8 hours or more at work each day, and it’s very important to develop positive ways to interact with the people you work with. No matter what role you play in an organisation, people skills help you get the best out of everyone and help you balance human interactions with productivity and performance.

What You Will Learn:

  • The meaning of people management and how people skills benefit an organisation and its employees
  • The effects of poor people management in terms of productivity, performance, morale and employee retention
  • Signs of poor people management in an organisation, including low morale, poor retention and high staff turnover
  • People management skills, including fairness, adaptability, communication, respect and organisation
  • Practical, useful and effective strategies to deal with difficult people at work
  • How to create an inclusive environment and nurture relationships with employees from diverse backgrounds

The Benefits of This Course:

  • You learn to communicate and interact in a responsive, positive way, instead of reacting impulsively
  • You become more self-aware as a person, leader and employee and can relate better to others
  • You are better equipped to handle difficult team members or employees in a more empowering manner
  • As a leader, you learn to appreciate and celebrate differences in perspective, thinking and ideas
  • You learn to see problems and situations from other people’s points of view
  • Managing people effectively enables you to seek constructive ways to solve problems, get things done and foster collaboration among team members.

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