Managing Classroom Behaviour Certification


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Managing Classroom Behaviour

Learning how to manage classroom behaviour is essential for everyone involved in the educational process, including parents and school administrators, and is especially important for teachers of all age groups in any type of educational establishment.

This course covers everything you will ever need to know regarding ensuring a well-run and hassle-free classroom, which is highly conducive to learning and developing great students.

You’ll be able to understand children’s behaviour on psychodynamic, cognitive and biological levels and develop a proper relationship with students through leading by example and having a deep connection with them.

From the rules and routines, to ensure a well-run and well-behaved class to dealing with problems using the highly acclaimed ABC diagram and many other proactive and reactive techniques, this course covers everything you’ll ever need to know regarding managing classroom behaviour!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to understand the root psychological, environmental and physical aspects of children’s behaviour
  • The different rules and routines you need to establish in the classroom, to ensure a disciplined and interactive environment
  • How to develop a strong relationship with each student, by setting a good example and connecting with them on their level
  • Dealing with problems using the ABC chart and other highly effective proactive and reactive techniques

The Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Further your current teaching career and open up new opportunities around the world
  • Improve your chances of landing the teaching job of your dreams, by displaying a deeper knowledge of classroom management in interviews
  • Gain the trust and support of your students, and enjoy every moment in the classroom
  • Avoid causing psychological or emotional damage to children, by engaging incorrectly with them

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2.5 hours