Learning Impressive Telephone Techniques Certification


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Learning Impressive Telephone Techniques Certification

Even with more and more businesses setting up shop in the digital world, telephone interaction remains an integral part of the customer experience. For some businesses, a telephone call may be the only interaction that a customer has with the company or organisation.

However short a telephone call may be, it leaves an impression. Every business hopes that its staff are professional and efficient, when answering the telephone, but not everyone has a) a good natural telephone manner or b) the skills to react quickly, as a call evolves.

This course equips staff who use the telephone to do their job with the skills to handle calls in a positive and efficient manner, in order to create a lasting impression and an excellent customer experience.

The course is suitable for anyone who will benefit from being able to strengthen their customer relationships.

What’s Covered in the Course?

The content of this course includes:

  • How to project a professional and courteous persona over the telephone;
  • An understanding of and how to use a professional telephone etiquette in a natural way;
  • How to form and retain a positive first impression on the telephone with different types of customers;
  • How to sound professional, confident and in control, while on the telephone;
  • Handling key phrases that come up during business phone calls, so that they can be used appropriately and effectively;
  • Improving the clarity of communication, while speaking on the telephone;
  • Building and enhancing listening skills;
  • Effectively handling difficult or angry customers, in order to bring about a positive resolution;
  • Recognising issues over the telephone and working to effectively negotiate and resolve them, for the benefit of everyone involved;
  • Handling telephone rage, abuse and threats in a confident and effective manner, in order to diffuse the situation and resolve the problem;
  • Gathering and applying important tools that help ease the anxiety and stress that can arise during a business phone call.

What are the Benefits of the Course?

This course boasts a myriad of benefits, and these include:

  • The course equips the employee with the necessary skills, in order to deal with any type of telephone call in a professional and effective manner;
  • The more employees that complete the course, the more uniform your call system becomes, increasing efficiency and productivity;
  • Conflicts and issues are dealt with in a professional manner;
  • An easy-to-study modular format that can be studied flexibly, to suit individual needs;
  • Upon successful completion of the course, an industry-recognised certificate is awarded;
  • Full online study support.

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